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Who can use GETOOMI?

  Anyone can use GETOOMI, because everyone’s time is valuable. From consultants to professionals, celebrities, athletes, artists, authors, and spiritual guides - the list is endless. GETOOMI enables you to offer your 1-on-1 time in an organized, efficient, and secure manner.

GETOOMI at a glance

No software to buy, nothing to download or install
All the magic happens in the cloud neatly within your web browser
GETOOMI works with every system
Choose a widget design and copy-paste our embed code into your site
Let users schedule, book, and call live over voice and video
We make it simple, so you can focus on what you do best
No cost whatsoever aside from our processing fee as your earning
Just pay a processing fee off earnings, as you get paid
GETOOMI is so easy anyone can do it. Sign up now and see for yourself.
Complete powerful toolkit of features
Schedule, messaging, billing, recording, voice, phone video
The features are endless with GETOOMI
Integrates anywhere!
GETOOMI is secure